Thursday, December 9, 2010

an introduction of sorts


My friend recently said to me that when you walk into our house, you know who we are. So I thought I'd let my studio do that, try to tell you who I am, that is.  I had to stop myself from cleaning it up, putting things away, you know, like you do for company or maybe, your mother-in-law.  But the real me is just not that neat.  My work is messy and gluey and requires lots of cutting and lots and lots of paper. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  So while I do like to start a new project with the decks cleared, that 's just a temporary reality that doesn't last very long. I feel kinda naked.

Ok, so now I'm imagining all of you naked so I don't feel so embarrassed.


I'm a mixed media/collage artist, which for me means, that I dabble in everything.  Like a jack of all trades but a master of none kind of thing.  Here's a bit of what I do.

This mixed media collage was inspired by the headline - I am my own house.  I connected with those words in some way and worked without thinking, just allowing a kind of flow. So here I am now, thinking about it. me the house symbolizes the outer shell to the inner life.  It's literally the shelter for the life within, my children, and figuratively, I am the house, I am their shelter.  But the house is also my shelter, the protective covering to my inner thoughts and feelings.

Wow, that was like therapy.

Same time next week?

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