Saturday, March 5, 2011


I love making treasuries on Etsy.  But what I love even more is being featured in a treasury on Etsy.  Thanks to Artsyville for including lollipop trees.

Aimee also has a website/blog that, on first view, looks to be as beautiful and inspiring as the work in her shop.  I'm heading over now to read about how she made, what she calls drunken tiles!  Scroll down, you'll see them in the sidebar.


aimee said...

how cool to see the treasury in a different context! your painting fit in perfectly. and thanks for the shout out! xo

Lisa said...

It was raining buckets here today, so it was the perfect day to spend some time with your blog. It is so well written, love your sense of humor and so lovely to look at. Thanks again for everything :)