Sunday, December 25, 2011

humble hand drawn

last year i bought a little art calendar and i loved the simplicity of it so much that it inspired me to make my own.

did you doodle when you were in your high school english class while discussing the grapes of wrath or do you pick up a pen and scribble while you're on the phone with your best friend who lives across the continent, who you haven't seen in over a year?  that's the kind of spontaneously drawn calendar that i wanted to make.
so i'm happy to introduce my first annual humble hand drawn fortune cookie wisdom calendar.
hope you like it!

you can see it here in my shop.  i hope to have better pictures soon. :)

even so we got included in a treasury! many thanks to Mandy from Moxiedoll.

happy, happy christmas to all!


Annie said...

Lisa I love this!! What beautiful and inspiring work. Hope you are well and enjoying the holiday season :)

Lisa said...

hi Annie, so nice to hear from you and thank you! hope your holidays are fun and restful and happy!