Wednesday, February 22, 2012


i'm in love with tisane infusion.  the text is in japanese so i understand none of it but the characters are lovely, just enhancing the photography.  and that photography...  is gorgeous.  

this is just a taste of what's there.  go see it.

and here's something new in the shop


kimmie said...

Lovely teacup photo and the crochet pieces are so intriguing .... I will check that out for sure! I love your little collage shadow-box ... have favorites your shop too :)


Lisa said...

thanks for visiting kimmie and can i just say - i love, love, love your matchbox treasures?! there, i said it.

joana said...

tisane infusion is just wonderfull.. thank you for the tip!

Lisa said...

hi joana, thanks for stopping by.:) i agree, tisane infusion is wonderful!