Sunday, February 19, 2012


one down, one to go.  ginger brew to help this cold go away.

leftover homemade soup in yes, a cool whip container, for lunch, to help this cold go away.

my daughter's pearls, unstrung

i sat, with youngest son, in the wreckage that is my studio, and listened to him laugh on the phone with his friend.  his complete abandon, his joyful laughter made my sunday.  oh those little moments.


Joy Light said...

I love your POV. My son and I made Pizza for dinner, today I'm trying to make a bit of progress towards shipping merch to a show in Portland. I'm on time, yet I still feel like I'm late - whats up with that?


Lisa said...

i love those times with my kids too. and i know what you mean - i feel like i'm behind even when i'm not. one day maybe we'll catch up with ourselves. :)