Friday, March 16, 2012

aunt mungy's lace

things like this are why i love thrifting so much.  here's this bundle of lace wrapped with green thread and a note that reads - yoke and sleeves of aunt mungy's nightgown.  what images does this conjure for you?  was this a favorite aunt?  did aunt mungy save this lace for her favorite niece?  what did the nightgown look like? that handwritten note makes this lace all the more interesting to me.  it reminds me of all the little trinkets my father gave to me.  he was always giving me, my kids, all of us, these treasures that he found while he was at a yard sale or an auction.  the minute i expressed interest in anything he found, it was mine.  since he passed away, these little gifts, these little memories mean so much more to me.  when i hold them i can almost feel him here. 

this sweet bundle of lace makes me think about things like that -  the lives behind it and the love.

has anyone found any neat treasures while thrifting recently?   i for one, can't wait till it's garage sale weather!

here's a little collage that i made in a mixed media class i took a few years ago that was a little bit life changing for me.  i'm going to write about that eventually if only to talk about the awesome women i met there.

so what do you think mungy is short for?


Little Red Feather said...

Your art is beautiful! That little bit of lace is adorable... I just love finding little memories like that when I am thrifting!I found a cute little envelope a while back full of ticket stubs from different places in new york from the 50's... it is soo cute I just keep it even though I thought I would do something with it. :)

Lisa said...

oh that's a neat find! i have a few things like that - i thought i would use them but they're just too precious... for now anyway:) i am loving your blog as well and seriously love your dino-terrarium in your shop!