Sunday, March 11, 2012


i had to share with you some neat things i found while thrifting.  first, i am in love with these books.  they aren't quite as sensational as some 50's pulp novels but i love their covers just the same.  

also found this plaster plaque of a nautical scene.  i love its little details and its 3d qualities.  and i love just as much, its chips and worn spots.  the label on back says hand painted in england.

a bit of lace that years ago, some thrifty lady saved from the hem of a nightgown perhaps, to dress up something else.  its aged color is gorgeous.

all of these will be in the shop soon.

sunday breakfast, or should i say brunch - *gluten free pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes, news and sara vaughan.  a great beginning to a beautiful sunday. hope yours was sweet too.

*we made a few adaptations to the recipe as follows:
added another cup of Pamela's, eliminated the oil, added about 1 cup water, put in an additional 1/2 tbs. sugar and maybe most importantly, added a bunch of chocolate chips.  so yummy, so moist...  there are some leftovers calling to me...



Connie said...

Looks like you had a fun shopping spree. Thanks for sharing, Connie

Lisa said...

i did have fun connie and thanks for stopping by!