Sunday, March 18, 2012


i've spent about an hour checking out a detox diet that i found through someone's blog, please don't ask me whose, because it was during one of those moments (hours) of uncontrollable link clicking.  that source is so far gone from my memory - sorry. so i'm not one for new year's resolutions and i'm usually fashionably late which means it's just about time to start the dreaded d word. 

just the thought of it makes me crave this.

and this

and this

and i wish i had my own personal chef to make them for me... um, right now please?
all these lovely, non-fattening photos are from call me cupcake

and here's a beautiful things list to go with our cake and cookies and cupcakes!


sweet dreams...


Baban Cat said...

Oh!! It's so unfair!
That chocolate cake is screaming, 'EAT ME!'

Connie said...

I love the colorful quilt.
The sweets look delicious.
Dieting sounds like a bad word,
but when done right,
it can be wonderful.
Your body will respond quickly
to healthy eating,
and you'll feel so good.
Don't put it off . . . go for the gusto! Your blogging friend, Connie

Lisa said...

i guess i should stop looking at all these dessert blogs, right? I've just warned my kids that they'll be detoxing with me. you should have seen their faces :) thanks ladies