Thursday, July 12, 2012

bathroom shmathroom

i feel like that grandma who takes out pictures of her grandchildren (all 19 of them) or your cousin who just got a digital camera and went on vacation to a stamp museum and has taken a picture of every stamp in the building.  so with that in mind, (and complete understanding if you nod off) here's some pictures of our almost finished but at least finally usable, bathroom.  in case you haven't been avidly following along, you can click here and here for the before pictures.

extremely pale blue on the walls (maybe would have liked them to be a bit less pale but you didn't hear that from me)

so much trouble finding a light that would fit with the medicine cabinet and the position of the existing electrical box and the outlets below.  finally found a galvanized outdoor light from lowes that fits my opposites attract design sense. 

we wanted a ceiling light in a room that had no electrical box in the ceiling so....  i kind of really  like this exposed but hidden wire look.  it feels appropriate to our old house.  the ceiling is painted in this great paint that looks like silver leaf.

added an old glass knob from my collection to the medicine cabinet after we painted it a shiny black

in this light the walls look just right.  the tub has been peeled of it's magenta paint to reveal what looks like gold leaf.  can you have both gold and silver leaf in the same room?  um... yup!  i'm in love with the tub and the ceiling.

we still have things to figure out, like what to do with the sink/stove and the floor but we're getting there.  now comes the fun part, right?  looking for fabric for curtains, maybe an old distressed shelf for the wall, shower curtain, art... yay!

here's a preview of our downstairs bathroom.  maybe in the winter i'll be ready to sand and peel again.


forest green ceiling and molding

and on a completely different note, here's some new work in the shop

didn't mean to offend any stamp lovers out there.  i really do love them!  just maybe not a museum full of them.


Debra said...

LOVE the photo's of your renovations! Wonderful taste. Thank you for sharing.

Lisa said...

thanks, you're so sweet for saying that. it is so much lighter and brighter that's for sure.

Elizabeth England said...

Great creativity in your new that sweet little glass knob on the medicine cabinet and the pale blue walls!

Lisa said...

thanks elizabeth, you are very kind. searching for curtain fabric now - can't wait to get to the really fun stuff!