Sunday, July 1, 2012


our first tomato from our little patio container garden!

this calls for caprese salad!

my daughter has been to italy and she lived off this salad while she was there. this is how we do it at home.  i always substitute when using a recipe if i don't have the exact ingredients, that's part of the fun of cooking and getting dinner on the table but in this recipe i wouldn't substitute regular mozzarella in vacuum packed plastic for fresh mozzarella packed in water.  they are like two different animals and so you will have two different dishes.  the fresh mozzarella is worth searching for - it is soft and absorbs the flavors that you add to it.  and one other thing - since there are so few ingredients they need to be really good.  so, you will need some homegrown or farmer's market tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, (we use extra virgin) balsamic vinegar, salt (i use kosher salt because that's what i always use but i bet some crunchy sea salt would be yummy) and freshly ground black pepper. 

we slice the tomatoes, lay them out on a plate in a single layer then sprinkle with some salt.  next we slice the fresh mozzarella and lay it on top of the tomatoes and grind some black pepper on top.  then we find the most beautiful whole basil leaves and lay these on top of the cheese.  drizzle olive oil and some balsamic vinegar over all.  enjoy!

if you have a different caprese salad recipe please share!  do you can your tomatoes or make salsa?  i'd love to hear what you all will be doing with this summer's beautiful vegetables.


Joana said...

I'm also growing tomatoes this year - but they are green still.. can't wait! tomatoes are a favorite of mine!

love them a lot with dried oregano, sea salt and olive oil (a portuguese simple salad recipe)!

Lisa said...

aren't tomatoes in season the best? thanks for the recipe - i am always searching for simple ways to enhance their yumminess.