Thursday, August 9, 2012


middle son and i went to mass moca (massachusetts museum of contemporary art) this past weekend and i have been talking about it, to anyone who will listen, ever since.  what do you think about contemporary art? more and more i find myself drawn to it.  i love the way these artists are stretching the boundaries of what is considered art.  the conversation they inspire is exhilarating and energizing.  

ok, ok... enough talking.  here's some visuals that i hope will inspire you to go and actually see the real thing.

 janice wright cheney's  bear from the oh canada exhibition, is made of felt roses
sopheap pich's compound, part of the invisible cities exhibit 
kim morgan's latex cast of a life size lighthouse from oh canada 

clint neufeld
sanford biggers the cartographer's cononundrum
graeme patterson's the mountain

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Little Red Feather said...

so inspiring! wish I was that creative... love art museums!