Saturday, September 22, 2012

sneak peek

here's a tiny peek at the second annual fortune cookie wisdom calendar.

this is my current favorite fortune.  may it be true for all of us.

and in the spirit of getting serious here's a great post from d'lites by dorene on how to write a newsletter and why you should.  great stuff.

and you might want to wear a hard hat around here because this blog is under construction and there will be dust and debris.  expect to see some paint and wall paper samples as i try out new things all with an aim towards a more organized blog.

thanks for sticking around while it's happening.


Connie said...

I love being around construction and change . . . and I'm looking forward to seeing how you rearrange your blog. Have Fun! Connie :)

Angie Ouellette-Tower said...

I'm stopping by from blogging buddies - I look forward to seeing your "organized blog" changes.

Lisa said...

i can tell from your blog projects connie, that you love being around construction and change. you're always making something beautiful! thanks for stopping by!

Lisa said...

thanks for visiting angie!

Kathy from DoubleNickelsandBeyond said...

Always need to try new things! Me, I'm still trying to figure out what goes where! love your banner header.

Lisa said...

thanks kathy! hope you're having an amazing vacation!

Pamela Bates said...

hi lisa, can't wait to check out the newsletter article. LOVE the fortune cookie calendar idea. what a hoot. and that's a good one!


Lisa said...

hi pam, thanks for visiting! last year's fortune cookie wisdom calendar was so much fun, had to do another one. :)