Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween

for years we lived in the country and pretty quickly i learned not to buy any candy or at least none to give out.  we had no sidewalks and even though our road was a little over a mile long there were only a handful of houses.  not exactly trick treating territory.  

now we live in town and i picked up a bit over 20 bucks(!) worth of candy - about 250 pieces.  i figured we'd have a little left over to treat ourselves. um... no.  does anyone else get tons of trick or treaters?  is this just the norm?  or am i now in halloween hell having to make up for all those years of not having my door bell ring every 3 minutes? 

i realize i am sounding like a halloween grinch and i don't mean to.  it was actually a lot of fun.  the little ones are just adorable in their princess and pirate costumes.  one mother came to the door with her 7 month old baby in her arms.  the baby's round cheeks had whiskers painted on them - so sweet.  mom took a few milky way bars.  i figured she deserved them. 

can you guess what candy bars these are?  i think i have intimate knowledge of a few of them.  just a few mind you.

i hope it was a happy halloween for you all!


Tamber said...

The little ones don't visit us and we live in a neighborhood. I feel like kids around here do things differently than we used to.
If you have time, I have tagged you in a 'getting to know you' type post on my blog.
Have a good weekend!

Lisa said...

hi tamber, thanks for stopping by and thanks for thinking of me for your knowing you knowing me post. just got to say that i loved your piece for the post art exchange! didn't want to alter it at all!

Little Red Feather said...

I know tamber has already invited you but I decided I really want to see you do this post too!

see details here..

Hope all is wonderful your way...