Thursday, March 21, 2013


i had been hearing about this place for awhile now and finally got the chance to see it for myself yesterday.  zaborski emporium is a flea market/salvage/auction/garage sale lovers paradise.  4 floors of both the usual lovely salvage items and the truly wacky. we saw everything from traffic lights, a rubber mannequin and a movie marquee to doors, sinks and typewriters. we only got through a floor and a half before sensory overload made us dizzy and the fact that our fingers were about to freeze off.  there is no heat in zaborski emporium, at least none that we could detect.  next time we will bring gloves, coffee and measurements.  i know i need to replace a porch post and i'm looking for a dresser to convert into a bathroom sink cabinet.  i might need that rubber mannequin too.

as i walked around, all i kept thinking is that my father would have loved this place.  

stuffed aisles

gorgeous lights

those minty green knobs are enough to make me wish i had separate hot and cold faucets 

rubber mannequin mid way down the aisle

traffic light

wagon wheel light anyone?

kitchenware from a to z

look, there's more outside!

radiator graveyard

anybody else out there think a place like this is a little like paradise?

and here's some new work in the shop



Debra said...

What a paradise! My dad would have loved soemthing like that too :)
You need to go back when it's warmer. Love.
I love your new work too, Lisa.

Lisa said...

oh this place was amazing and i'm definitely going back. thanks for your kind words about my work! thanks for checking in sweetie.