Friday, April 12, 2013


i heard a radio interview today with anne lamott which reminded me yet again of how much i love her writing, her spirit, her sense of humor.  i remember reading operating instructions years ago, folding over page after page so that i could remember all these little nuggets of wisdom.  one line i remember that is both so real and so hysterical goes something like this - my mind is like a bad neighborhood, i try not to go there alone.  i just love that.  if that line doesn't resonate with you then you're one of the lucky ones, i think.  

and then, in the interview, she said this - laughter is carbonated holiness.  now how perfect is that?

she was doing the interview because she's on a book tour and was speaking today at a community college in the area and now i'm so disappointed that i wasn't able to go.  think i'll go to the library and get a stack of her books to make myself feel better.

another gray day here and some hail?!  the poor forsythia!

here's some spring-y colors in the shop :)

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