Monday, January 27, 2014

cold, pearl jam and photos

rattling around this old house, i'm wondering what i ever found charming about original windows, wood floors, scantily insulated walls and old doors. it's pretty cold here in upstate ny but not nearly as cold as some places have been, so i shouldn't be complaining. tell that to my cold fingers and sniffley nose.

while trying to stay warm, i was playing around with this site my son told me about. it's called unsplash, and every week they put up 10 new photos (with links to the photographers) for anyone to use, for anything... any thing. there's some beautiful stuff. here's what i did by just adding some text to some awesome photos.

i've been afflicted lately with a pearl jam obsession. it isn't painful but it doesn't help with my procrastination disorder, what with youtube and all. even so, having the smartest kids ever, they have given up trying to cure me and have gone to full out enabling. let's just say, it was a pearl jam christmas in my house.

so, using one of those awesome photos from unsplash, here's an ode to what ails me.

romain briaux

and this is how i sometimes feel in the early am. or late afternoon.

justin leibow

just to make you smile.

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