Friday, May 30, 2014

this week

love a small town memorial day parade!

some moleskines ready to mail out for graduation day

the view from my studio

pennyroyal planted in thrifted bowls. i've heard that this herb helps keep bugs away. we shall see.  certainly doesn't keep the birds away as you can see! the table has since been cleaned and painted :)

morning thoughts with milky tea.

ginger's morning thoughts

making thank you tags for orders

hope you're having an amazing week! my youngest comes home from college today so i will have both my boys home for the summer - i'm one happy mama!


Becca Koopmans said...

Oh, LOVE that small town...Mayberry like parade too, Lisa! Great so glad to see the infamous, 'Ginger' :)!
Hooray for summer with your boys at home.

Lisa said...

there is a definite charm to small towns! and yes looking forward to a summer with my boys! xo

Angela said...

i love the little tags... they're so fun to make for orders.