Thursday, May 8, 2014


even though the temperatures are still pretty cool for spring and we had a threat of a frost last night, the grass already needs to be cut. but this is what is growing in between all those blades of grass - these lovely violets.

i think some people might consider them weeds, after all they are growing just like dandelions. makes me wonder what makes a weed a weed?

oh the grass can wait a little...

some new work

love notes - mixed media painting

glorious creatures - found text collage on paper


MarĂ­a Bradley said...

Lisa, your new works are really incredible!! Congrats!!
And yes! Agree with you: the grass can wait!! Loosing those little purple beauties would be almost a crime :-)

Lisa said...

yes the grass is getting long - we'll see how long it can get:) thanks Maria xo

Becca Koopmans said...

Oh, Lisa...those wee violets conjure up the sweetest of childhood memories for me...LOTS of bouquets :). How I love your arrangement and all of your new works...esp. your 3 sisters!!

Lisa said...

i have a tiny little creamer from my grandmother filled with violets on my desk right now - glad they reminded you of happy times! thanks for your kind words! xo

Angela said...

beautiful new work. i always see flowers where people see weeds...maybe that's a good thing for us :)

Lisa said...

i think you're so right Angela. thanks for stopping by!