Monday, October 20, 2014

fortune cookie wisdom

it's here! the 4th annual humble hand drawn fortune cookie wisdom calendar is in the shop.


here's a behind the scenes shot while photographing the calendar. we're in the process of painting, please be kind! it will eventually be all a creamy white that will brighten this dark room. and i just had to show you my auction find. this amazing unfinished, but signed painting. i just love it. i've bought some beautiful canvases at auction and as an artist i find it kind of sad because they go so cheaply. but then again, i get to have some awesome pieces.... hmm....

and here's a calendar getting ready to be mailed.


María Bradley said...

Lisa, the new calendar looks amazing!! Your auction find too, and... the room will look great in the new tones :-) You´ve done great work with the calendar, congrats!!

Lisa said...

thanks so much Maria! always nice to hear a kind word. xo