Thursday, December 11, 2014

my pinterest fail

so i wanted to make this beautiful hanging chandelier that i saw on pinterest. it calls for a hula hoop and icicle lights as the 2 main ingredients.

i had an 8" embroidery hoop and a brand new regular strand of christmas lights.

this is what happens when you use what i had.

i also used the same strings that i tied to the dining room light, to hang the fortune cookie wisdom calendar from for fun, below.
the calendar pages are light and float in the breeze.
the christmas lights are heavy and sink to the table when you don't make the knots tight enough.

you might ask yourself, why bother to start a project if you don't have the right ingredients. all i can say is i'm an impatient sort of gal.

this is what it looks like if you actually put some effort into it.

dizzy maiden

don't you just love it?

not sure where i'm going to find a hula hoop in december in upstate ny but i'm determined to find one.


Becca Koopmans said...

YES...I DO love it, Lisa...
this is where the real is better than the ideal!
Smiles and inspiration with this post!

Lisa said...

i love anything with white Christmas lights. thanks so much for stopping by Becca! xo