Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A New Project

I started a new project, a little promise to myself - to paint a notebook cover a week for a year. Fifty-two notebooks in 52 weeks. That's a big commitment for me. I mean, a lot can happen in a year, right?

Here's 1 - 8. You can see some different styles and techniques going on and that was my intention. I wanted to play around a little and I felt that working on these small sized notebooks once a week would give me the opportunity and the freedom to do just that. 

This is a favorite just because the paint strokes are so loose and I kind of love the colors.

Here's 9 - 14. And the experimentation continues along with different mediums. There's acrylic paint and watercolor on gesso and the bottom three are textured acrylic paint with soft colored pencils. 

The notebook on the left was painted for and inspired by International Women's Day. The one on the right was painted on the day of the March for Our Lives Rally in DC, honoring the words of Emma Gonzalez. This feels like a good way to record some of these really important events throughout the year - with a notebook to remember it. 


Texture with acrylic paint using a paintbrush and a putty knife/scraper I found in the tool box.

I'll be posting new notebooks weekly over on instagram if you'd like to follow along there.


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