Saturday, June 4, 2011

auction finds and some new work in my shop

so we went to an auction for a car and came home with books.  it could be a long story. i'll make it short.  teenage son wants car.  auction has car.  car has long list of undesirable qualities - bad battery, burned out fuses and likewise,  burned out front seat.  looks like someone was trying to set fire to their crotch.  smoking is bad. so instead of leaving by nearest exit, we stay.  and that's how i got these fabulous books.  i'm so excited.  not the least is the fact that said son, who wants car, has actually read the divine comedy and liked it.   i had to get this book for him - it's a 1944 special edition with engravings by william blake.  they all have beautiful illustrations and lovely aged pages.  one of the books has lost its covers, so it's ripe for the picking.  i'm thrilled.  even better, i got them for 2.50 each.



this is the new piece called a way out that i added to my shop.  many times i'm inspired by a poem or song lyrics so i start by writing these words down on the canvas.  in my own very non-religious way, i think of it like a benediction and a way to start.  then comes the color and the paper and the glue.  sometimes the words show, sometimes they are completely covered but i like knowing they are there. the words in/on/of this little canvas, actually a vintage book cover, are lyrics to the song wounded by third eye blind.  if you don't know it, it's about love and friendship and hope and missing someone and more.  just go listen to it.  they do it better than i could ever describe it.  to me, the song is ultimately hopeful and empowering even though it begins with violation and powerlessness.  that's just my take on it.  so playing around with the strips of blueish green painted paper, they became a ladder to help find a way back, or a way out, even a hand up.

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