Saturday, August 6, 2011

greetings from real life

coming back to real life after being on vacation just kind of sucks.  i kept trying to come up with a better way to say it  but this felt so right and afterall i do live with teenagers.  we all have our worries and what seem like impending disasters so getting away can be a much needed break and before we left i was dwelling (entrenched?) in the land of overwhelm.  i do try to live in the moment but it is an intention most of the time and not my reality.  so i found myself really, really, really looking forward to going away for a week. 

we, my three kids and i, stayed in a cabin on a gorgeous lake in the adirondacks.  there was very limited, almost non-existent cell service and no internet.  it was a bit like being in the middle of nowhere.  because of that i was able to let everything go.  we didn't talk about college loans, car insurance, the housing market or doctor appointments.  instead we swam, got minor sunburns, played games, did jigsaw puzzles, read and ate amazing food while watching the sun set.  then we woke up and did it all over again.  i was conscious of how lucky i was, how overwhelmed i have felt and that i didn't want to feel that way again.  i started to allow myself to think about why i was feeling that way.  notice i said started to allow myself...  much of it is just out-of-my-control life, but i'm curious to know what is in my control and how can i handle that better.

we're a day and a half back and i'm almost there, almost back where i started.  unfortunately everything was still here waiting for me to get back home.  how do we move past overwhelmed to something better? 

ok, ok, enough whining.  i mean, look at that sky, right?


Annie said...

beautiful pictures! I want to be where you were :)

no idea how we move past overwhelm, but it does seem that life goes in cycles... so let's hope that overwhelm can only last so long. rest & relaxation are so good.

Lisa said...

thanks for helping me to remember that life does travel in cycles. xoxo

Suzi Banks Baum said...

Oh my treasured Lisa, Mrs. Messy Bed...your work is so beautiful and your photos sublime. I have loved browsing around here tonight. That tomato stamp makes me want to steal it in the night from your studio...or at least come over and use it 100 times before noon tomorrow. Hugs to you. Hope to see you soon. xoxox S

Lisa said...

Oh Suzi, thanks so much for your kind words! Being in Karen's class with you was such an inspiration to me. Your work is beautiful and your encouragement meant so much to me. Thank you for stopping by. xoxo