Saturday, September 3, 2011

a little appreciation is due

youngest son is pretty pissed off disappointed with me because i neglected to mention in my last post, that he was the one who informed me of the new snow patrol ep.  and i call myself a fan, tsk tsk.  anyhow, this is me showing my awesome youngest son some appreciation, giving credit where credit is due. 

thank you sweetie pie.

did i totally embarass you?

new vintage in the shop

a preview of vintage to come

what would i do without you my youngest son?


Suzi Banks Baum said...

Hi Messy Bed, So good to see your site and self promotion. I love the vintage things you have. In the photo in this post there are 2 panels of a young girl and boy. I have these same ones, only rattier since I have been carrying them around for 30 years. I loved them as a kid on my parent's wall in our various homes. I look forward to stopping in here again. xo Suzi

Lisa said...

aren't they neat? i find myself searching for those things from my childhood when i go yard saling (saleing?) and these just reminded me of my grandma. thanks for stopping in sweet suzi. xoxo