Sunday, October 30, 2011

in honor of halloween

two posts in one day?  oh my.

middle son, also known as, oldest son but middle child, aka dylan goodman has turned me on to google+.  he is always posting videos and fun stuff and so far i've just been commenting.  i am computer illiterate even though he has tried for a long time to show me how not to be.   but i felt compelled to figure out how to post a video? upload a video?  see what i mean, i just don't speak the language.  anyhow, i love the song halloween head by ryan adams.  i mean i love it.  my kids may just tolerate it, i'm not sure.  or maybe i should say they tolerate me listening to it.  so in honor of halloween i had to figure this out.

i'm somewhat proud to say that i did it. 
now i'm going to do it again.

version 1

version 2

i am so happy.

isn't this a great song?

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