Wednesday, January 4, 2012

mad awkward

is this mad awkward, as my youngest son might say, or just healthy self-promotion?  i don't know but i'm so thrilled and proud that i can't help it.  the humble hand drawn calendar was featured in 2 very neat blogs and a handful of etsy treasuries!

the first blog, such great heights is geared towards empowering teens. there are beautiful photos featuring awesome teens and the self-less, inspiring things they do.

spin. sew. sketch. features finds and projects by kate.  she has an amazing eye (not just because she found the humble hand drawn calendar) and i particularly love her very own calendar project below.

now for the treasuries.  thanks to all for including the humble, etc.


a.l.w. said...

I'd say not mad awkward, but mad awesome! ;)

Lisa said...

thanks annie. you're right, it is mad awesome too!