Friday, December 30, 2011

a little bit of christmas

here's the last bit of our gluten free chocolate bark that we made for christmas.  i saw a recipe at poppytalk by lyndsay sung of coco cake for pretzel toffee chocolate bark and was inspired.  while out shopping, i managed to remember the gluten free pretzels (we used glutino) and the chocolate, but not the toffee.  oh well.
salty-sweet and chocolaty, what's not to love?

happy new year everyone!


Annie said...

sweet, salt & chocolate is pretty darn close to perfection! looks so good.
happy new year, lisa!

Lisa said...

it's 55 degrees here - doesn't quite feel like new year's eve. have a happy one too, annie!

aimee said...

they look delicious! happy new year!

Lisa said...

they so were :) thanks aimee and happy new year to you too!