Friday, February 3, 2012

etsy lookbook

did you know etsy has a lookbook?  i didn't.  i found it while checking out la.daridari's blog.  don't you just love checking out the blog list of a favorite blogger, which leads you to another awesome blogger with a blog list which leads to another... and suddenly it's 2 hours later and you can't even remember where you started?  so i can't exactly tell you how i found la.daridari but i'm glad i did.  

because of this.... you can find other colors here

and this

and then there's this...   keep an eye out for la.daridari's page

the lookbook is gorgeous and again just reaffirms for me how important product photos are, on etsy and any other print or online venue.  it's inspiring to see these etsians looking so professional.  i have much to learn.

practice, practice, practice.


la.daridari said...

Thank you so much Lisa!
I love losing myself in the net as you do, blog by blog... so I'm glad I found yours!

Lisa said...

so many blogs, so little time! thanks daria for inspiring me with yours!

joana said...

i completely know what you mean about the importance of photos.. for me is such a struggle! but baby steps.. :)

Lisa said...

in the past two days i have spent more hours than i care to say on setting up, then photographing and then editing. in the end i deleted more than half of the pictures! yes, baby steps. :)

Tania Cavenecia Torres said...

I didn't know about the Etsy Look book either! Thank you sharing and for your very nice comment : )

Lisa said...

Tania, thanks for visiting and i'll say it again - your blog is beautiful!