Tuesday, February 7, 2012


here's the third in the inner constellation series.  worth.  what is our worth and how do we measure it?  who determines it?

the penciled in words on the inside of this vintage book cover read - the circumstances under which these lines are given and what they mean.  these words evoked some deeper meaning for me and so i used the cover as the canvas for this one.   again, i'm using vintage faux pearls given to me by my father.  i now realize he may not have completely understood my way of creating but he was always there with anything from rusted old keys to books and maps to help me do it.  boy do i miss him.

please read here and here about courage and forgiveness, the first two in this series.

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a gloucester, ma. sunset and shell art


joana said...

i truly love the pearl constellation piece. beautiful feeling :)

Lisa said...

thank you so much joana. i went over and peeked at your jewelry. so many lovely pieces, so creative!

Jennifer Valentine said...

oh how I LOVE book covers...and the constellation piece is so lovely...I really think that is an amazing idea...