Thursday, March 29, 2012

serious business

here's a treasury i made for both the etsyLush team and the etsy success symposium, which i'll be tuning into tomorrow.  i've also been following a blog called etsy in real life.  malaika, who has a great sense of humor, has written a series of posts, starting here, about the business side of etsy which has helped inspire me to get even more serious about my etsy shop.  for some laughs and encouragement go check it out, it's a good read.

one thing i have noticed about my shop is that when i have a searchable item, such as a calendar, my shop gets much more traffic.  i've just listed a moleskine notebook with a hand drawn cover and just that word, moleskine, gets me views. 

so now i've got to figure out what words a customer would use to search for art. :)

here's the moleskine notebook with an illustrated cover in my shop

this is one of my inner constellations pieces in honor of the theme for the etsy success symposium :)

and here's to success, however you measure it.


HMDDesigns said...

I'm blushing at your kind words, Lisa. Thanks!

And I absolutely LOVE your notebook! Such great designs. Good luck on finding the right words to help your items get noticed. Finding just the right key word really does make a difference!


Little Red Feather said...

Good advice today... I look forward to checking out that blog!

Lisa said...

Malaika - thanks for YOUR kind words. i am so enjoying your blog :) thanks, lisa

Little Red Feather - thanks as always for coming by. and i meant to comment but didn't get a chance to - the stroller and high chair are fantastic! i have been collecting little kids chairs whenever i find them so these are just too cool!

Esperanza said...

That moleskine notebook is beautiful, I'm sure it'll go quick : )

Lisa said...

thanks so much esperanza, you're a sweetie!