Friday, March 23, 2012


some of the best things about moving into a new house are the surprises in the garden.  the things that were sleeping under a blanket of snow that you didn't even know about.

these forsythia are positively day-glo.  youngest son said it's like living in a disney movie.  there is a yellow light streaming into our kitchen.  it's a bit comical and very welcome!

and then there are surprises like this

which led to an ambitious bunch of miniature ants coming in my back door, uninvited mind you, and heading straight for the dishwasher on a mission known only to them.

these are some prints taken from the humble hand drawn fortune cookie wisdom calendar (that's a mouthful, isn't it?) that i've hand colored and then added a border to.  i thought they might be cute enough to stand on their own.  i plan on adding a few more but these are in the shop now.

i have been obsessed with jane eyre ever since seeing the newest version with mia wasikowska and michael fassbender.  mia portrays jane in such a quiet and strong way.  her face is amazing.  the movie itself is gorgeous.   ok, so now, i am completely embarrassed to admit that i have not read the book yet!  but as i'm writing this post i have the 1944 version on tv with joan fontaine, orson welles and elizabeth taylor as helen.  it is so different and i am loving it.  anyone else out there obsessed?  the book must be fantastic.  anyone read it?  or should i say, has everyone read it but me? 

i need that book on my night stand now!  to the library tomorrow.

sweet dreams...


Little Red Feather said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie! We were suppose to read the book for an english class I had but... it is slightly painstaking to get through. So I didn't really read it lol... opps. The movie was amazing though! I love the prints!

Lisa said...

yes, isn't the movie so amazing? the library's copy was out but i've got to give it a try! i'll let you know if i do get through it. :-)

Baban Cat said...

They say you should live with a garden for a year before doing anything with it. I love your forsythia. Jealous? Yes! Mine really struggles

Lisa Richards said...

I LOVE Jane Eyre! I'm reading the book for at least the third time right now. Her language is old-fashioned, but I think you get to know the characters at a deeper level in the book. I haven't seen the new version. I really love the 1944 version because I think Orson Welles looks just like the description in the book. The movies leave out so much and overemphasize parts that weren't emphasized in the book. I really liked the version with Toby Keith (is that the right name?). Yea, Jane! (I loved "Villette" and "Shirley", also by Charlotte Bronte. They aren't available as movies.)

Lisa said...

the new movie has a very different feel from the 1944 version and it is visually beautiful but i've got to get the book! that's one of the best parts of books, getting to really know the characters, right? thanks so much for stopping by, lisa