Tuesday, April 24, 2012

another big smile

i've been working like crazy trying to get my book done for the sketchbook project which is due in six days.  yes, six days lisa.  yikes.  so what a happy surprise and needed distraction to wake up this morning to find that i've been featured in another treasury that made the etsy front page!  i'm thrilled, excited, re-energized.  many thanks to joana at trincaruvas for creating another lovely treasury.  she makes brooches and pendants that may remind you of a game you played with as a kid.  i love her color combinations, some subtle and some graphic and vibrant.  i've been following her blog for awhile now and i was first drawn in by this poem, that resonated for me in that moment. then there are her photos... lovely. 

here is some of her work

and here is the treasury with my little sticks and stones shadow box

could this possibly mean that some of my photos are getting better?  somehow i can't believe that.  taking photos still feels like a complete and utter crap shoot to me.  whatever it means, i'm happy!

thanks joana!


joana said...

:) i am so happy (:
its so great when a treasury makes frontpage!

congratulations! it only makes front page because of the items featured in it, so thank You!

good luck with the sketchbook - i love the photos you posted a while ago!


Lisa said...

you're a sweetie joana, thanks again!

Little Red Feather said...

Congrats on the front page!! :) I love these pieces pictured in the post!! loving the breast plate :)