Friday, April 20, 2012


i've been sick with a stupid cold (again!) for over a week now and i've just about had enough of it (she said with a stamp of her foot).  i mean i've really had enough of it.  so i thought i'd find some things to make me smile and hopefully you too.

this video of lisa hannigan makes me very happy.  i just love her voice.

art in red wagon's tutorial for making garden markers.  i think i might actually be able to make these!  and she takes some amazing sky photographs.

rose and honey marshmallows by sweetniks.  softly sweet pink smiles...

doesn't everybody need a pocket manfriend?  meet kenneth by MsSpanner

shabby chic summer pjs or french knickers by PeriDotbyDuni

and this, this is just the biggest smile for me.  a treasury with forgiveness from my inner constellations series made it to the etsy front page!  that's thrilling to me.  thanks so much to StoneTreeJewelry for making a treasury with just the right magic to make it to the front page and for including me in it!  

and here's some of StoneTreeJewelry's work

smile-worthy, right?

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