Wednesday, May 23, 2012

summer dreams

since we moved to our new home we've been talking about building a pergola/enclosed space/privacy fence in our very public backyard.  we have great neighbors on all sides but when you're used to being secluded enough to be able to walk around outside in your pj's, it's hard not to feel a bit exposed.  so...rather than an ugly 8ft. high stockade fence we want something that allows some privacy along with some neighborliness. so i'm allowing myself to dream big before i come down to earth.  i thought i'd share with you some of my inspiration.

good fences make good neighbors keeps popping into my head.  and besides maybe the neighbors don't want to see us in our pj's.

there's even more over at my pinterest board cause i can't seem to stop myself.


Little Red Feather said...

I am always walking around outside looking like a kook in my pjs and taking pictures of things crawling around on the ground... I know my neighbors wonder. They can pretty much see everything I do which I really don't like but learned to deal with. I dream of a home in the woods! Neighbors can be interesting at times though lol! I love this inspiration! Hope your dreams come true :)

Lisa said...

yeah it's definitely an adjustment! i think it's the worst for our dog who is used to taking off into the woods for a bit but never out of ear shot. a pergola will help us a bit, but not our dog, but then again, she seems happy enough!