Sunday, May 27, 2012

getting my toes wet

showing your art online is a much easier thing to do than showing it in person and recently i've been trying to overcome my, shall i say shyness, about showing my work in public.  it feels a bit like standing naked in the middle of a room at a party.  so when the opportunity came for me to hang my work in a public place (no not a big, scary gallery, thank goodness!) i had to take it.  since the beginning of may, i've had most of my canvases hanging in this neat place called body be well in red hook, ny.  it's a pilates and yoga workout studio offering private and group classes in a friendly and supportive environment.  at the studio they also have an all women's gym so those of us who might be a little uncomfortable working out in the company of the opposite sex, can sweat freely.  that's where i come in, and no, i don't mean the sweating part.  the gym is also a gallery where local artists can show their work.  so up my canvases went.  the very next day after they went up i was honored to be sent an email by someone from the gym saying that she enjoyed working out to the view and could she purchase the one called nest?  of course she could!  

and this is nest, now gone to it's new home

what a great way to get my toes wet with this first public showing.  thanks to cheryl, gallery curator and instructor and chelsea, owner of body be well for giving artists a chance to show their stuff!  in my opinion it's an awesome place that caters not only to the body but the soul as well.

and just a follow up on my previous pergola post (nice alliteration there, hunh?)  in allowing myself to dream big i found these.

find this tuscan castle rental here

find this amalfi coast rental here

now if i can just sell oh, about a zillion more canvases.....



Kathy from DoubleNickelsandBeyond said...

That is so awesome that you have your work showing AND you sold a piece! I have not gotten that brave yet. I've donated a few pieces and they have sold, so I don't know why I am still so chicken! You are giving me a push to do the same!!

Lisa said...

thanks Kathy! i'm a bit blown away. i've seen your work, the sneakers hanging on the line is a favorite, and i say go for it!