Friday, June 1, 2012

adventure or drama

took the guys to the movies because they wanted to see the avengers again which i saw with them the first time around.  but suddenly the prospect of sitting through it again was not making me a happy camper.  the only other movie at the quadrupleplex playing at the same time was the best exotic marigold hotel.  i'd seen a preview and was a bit intrigued but wasn't sure i wanted to pay money to see it.  action adventure or drama.  i decided on the exotic marigold.  it was the first time i've ever been to a movie by myself and it wasn't as uncomfortable as i'd imagined.  in fact it was kind of nice.  can i admit that?  it's also been a long time since i was one of the youngest people in the audience.  all i can say is that when i'm 77 i want to look like judy dench.  she is gorgeous.  and so is india in all its complexity.

and here's some new work in the shop

oh and you might have noticed that the messy bed looks different on top.  i changed the banner in my etsy shop and thought i'd bring it over here too.  but it's going to change again cause it's just not right.  now if i could only learn how to actually use pixlr so i could stop asking middle son how to do something every two seconds.  poor kid.   


Little Red Feather said...

lol I loved the avengers and I hate those kind of movies. Lets just say I slept through thor, both iron man, captain america and hulk. I actually stayed awake through avengers but I don't know if I could watch it again. It suppose to have almost beat the dark night... being like the top 3 most seen. Something like that. I love that banner... it really explains what you blog and business is about. Love the new piece! Sometimes it nice to enjoy something alone! Bucket list was the last movie I saw in theaters where the it was full of cute grandmas and gramps.

Lisa said...

yeah sometimes there's only so many car crashing, flame throwing, testosterone filled movie scenes i can take. i'm kind of on a roll now with pixlr so there will be a new banner for a little while at least. thanks for all your sweet words!