Friday, June 8, 2012


this wasn't the post i intended but i'll tell you about that other stuff later.  read this...

there is a time we have to abandon our used clothes, which already have the shape of our body, and forget our ways, that lead us always to the same places.  it is a time of crossing: and, if we don't dare to do it, we would have stayed, forever, on the shores of ourselves. 

this is a poem by portuguese poet, fernando pessoa, and i came across it at trincar uvas.  joana is a poet, a photographer and a jewelry maker and i often stop by for visual inspiration. 

this poem has gotten stuck inside me.  the image of our clothes having, holding, the shape of our bodies, leading us to the same places is the perfect kind of metaphor i'm always looking to express in my work.  the symbolism i'm always searching for to tell what's inside.

but really, the poem is stuck because it must hold some meaning for me.

1.2.3. Near Life

does it resonate for you too?

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