Saturday, August 25, 2012

summer day dream

feeling a bit wistful as summer is coming to an end (i know, i'm whining about it again) and seeing my kids scatter.  middle son is off to college again and my daughter is moving in a couple of months.  

but doesn't this look like the perfect place to spend one of the last weeks of summer together?  it's called lady of the lake.  we actually spent a week at hiawatha, another rental from the same owners and it kind of spoiled me.  now i want every vacation place i stay to be decorated with beautiful vintage pieces and soft shabby chic-like colors and paper lanterns.  that's not too much to ask is it?

i think this bed on the screened porch might have to be mine
or maybe this one
or this daybed 
love the contrast of this gorgeous eastlake dresser and the rustic adirondack style bed

i think this just might entice them all back next summer. what do you think?

now i just have to save up my pennies.


Little Red Feather said...

Can I come too? ;) It's always a weird transition going from summer to fall when you don't have to do anything because your out of school but it always ends up being a big motivator to start new projects and round up old ones.

Lisa said...

the more the merrier! there certainly seems to be enough places to sleep. and i agree, lots of ideas and motivation. and it will be nice to finish up some projects!

Rasa said...

Oh, this place looks like a white sweet dream:)

Lisa said...

doesn't it? i think it might be nice to live there instead of just vacationing there.