Monday, October 15, 2012

fun with ink

there's been lots of gray days to embrace around here lately.  this one was spent carving eraser-like blocks and then printing them in preparation for card making.  maybe they'll be for the shop or i might explore selling wholesale or consignment.  just some thoughts. 

looking pretty productive!
i used one of the carved blocks to print on pages from an old book.  these pages have a beautiful creamy color and they are soft to the touch.  i think they'll make a good border for whatever main image i'll be using.

and here i am, like any good collager/mixed media artist, using up the last of the ink by rolling it onto some scrap paper to be used another day.  the challenge is always to organize all these scraps and to find them when you need them. :)  i bet you're all much more organized than me.

thought i'd share a bit of the soundtrack to my day.  who else out there is in love with their voices?

and finally, here's another experiment in abstract painting with, of course, some paper and ink thrown in for good measure.  bright colors and a bit of geometry.  it's in the shop.

good night kids.  as usual, it's way past my bedtime.


Debra said...

I absolutely LOVE the new stamps & what you did with rolling them on the pages from the book.
Love it!

Lisa said...

thanks debra. by the way, i'm loving the new pieces in your shop, but the rings... they're just gorgeous!

ArtSings1946 said...

Fabulous art and what voices...thanks so much for sharing.

Happiness always,

Lisa said...

aren't their voices amazing? thanks for stopping by jan