Wednesday, October 17, 2012

post art exchange #1

you can't imagine how excited i was to see my first piece of post art exchange in the mailbox today.  it was like my birthday in the middle of my ordinary wednesday.  then to find that the envelope held a box, a 3d postcard... how creative!  i had all these thoughts at once - can i keep it, can i just plain keep it?  and  - it's perfect the way it is, i don't want to add to it.  and then - wow, she is talented, my fellow post art exchanger.  her name is ashley by the way.  so i'm dying to show it to you in all its original beauty but part of me doesn't think it's fair to ruin the surprise for the next recipient.  so here is a little bit just to absolutely tease you.

yes, there's a window in the box...
this so does not do it justice but it will have to be enough for now. especially since i don't plan on altering it too much.  i've got an idea that will add my touch but leave enough room for more transformations from the rest of our little group.  

i'm so glad courtney started this art exchange.  its a very lovely thing to get to know these women through their art.

and finally listed this piece in the shop.  i'm kind of liking having it around but....

goodnight kids :)

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