Thursday, December 6, 2012

measuring time

i've been quiet here for awhile but there's been lots happening.  much thinking and testing out this empty nest thing that seems to be going on without my consent and despite the dragging of my heels.  i can remember laughing and rolling out cookie dough with my daughter when she was 3 years old.  now she's just moved out and gone to the big city and even though it was time for her to go i still miss her like crazy.  middle son is away at college and youngest son is in the process of applying to colleges.  i find myself thinking, at odd moments, - this time next year you'll be preparing for thanksgiving on your own lisa.  or - you're going to be doing a lot less laundry next year.  don't get me wrong, i'm thrilled for them.  after all isn't that the job of a mother, a parent?  to raise your kids the best you can so they can go out and be awesome people and live happy lives? 

i know this.  i do.
maybe i'm just having trouble figuring out what i'm gonna do with myself. like, um, maybe that means i have to get a life.  hmmm...

so in honor of thoughts about time passing here's the second annual humble hand drawn fortune cookie wisdom calendar for 2013.  such a mouthful.:)

i just found out that my calendar has been featured at mercantile muse.  pam holds a link party every couple of weeks and i've been lucky to have been featured there once before.  on her blog she shares moments in her life with great humor and sensitivity.  she has also built a strong community by sharing what she knows, everything from recipes to business tips including her awesome link party.  

here's a couple of my favorites from her shop 

thanks pam!

and i just feel the need to say out loud that i haven't started my christmas shopping yet.  not one gift.  anybody else in the same boat as me?
i hope not.


Pamela Bates said...

well. that just made my day. which hasn't been the greatest. your kind words mean a lot. you rock and so does the fortune cookie calendar.

we've always had an empty nest...just us the dog. but i can only imagine it's like those other milestones in life when things change so much it all seems upside down. like you've lost your rhythm. you'll find it again. you'll find a song that's just right for you.

Lisa said...

you are very sweet pam. thanks for sharing your thoughts. it is a rhythm thing for sure. i think our dog ginger and i are going to become the best of friends! ha!

Tasha - The Edible Earth said...

I love this little calendar! Your illustration work is amazing! Reminds me of Lisa Congdon - I love her work!
Happy 2013!!!

Lisa said...

Hi Tasha thanks for your kind words and thanks for stopping by.