Thursday, December 6, 2012

twice in one day

i just found out that i was featured in a treasury on etsy's front page, a little like the holy grail of goodness for a lot of etsy shop owners, so i had to share it here.  i'm so excited!

mine's the mixed media piece called currents, middle row, left.

thanks so much to kathleen at laurel and lime for curating a front page worthy treasury.  yay!

a few of the things i've been loving from laurel and lime


Little Red Feather said...

:)just catching up on all your posts.... and just visited your shop ;)

Lisa said...

thanks so much sweetie. i've been missing in action but i'm so glad you stopped by!

Angela said...

congrats :)
visiting kathleen's shop now too!

Lisa said...

thanks angela, it was pretty exciting! kathleen has some really unique things in her shop. enjoy!