Friday, February 22, 2013

water for thought

i remember as a kid, going for family drives on sundays.  i don't really know if it was a sunday thing but it feels like it was.  my father always seemed to know these really cool places to go.  i know that on these drives i learned to appreciate grand old houses.  he sometimes took us into the neighborhoods where he worked.  places that weren't so grand or beautiful and from this i learned that there are all kinds of people in this world, some less fortunate than me. in my memory, we always wound up near the ocean at some place that made the best burgers ever.  even when we moved to the country he had a yearning for the water, another thing he passed on to me.  

so yesterday afternoon i went searching for water.

i stepped out of the car in the 20 degree cold to take these pictures and the silence was complete except for the deep cracking sound of the ice now and then and the creaking of the trees.  a little eerie, and somehow very beautiful, both the sound and the view.

a great place to think.  do you have those places in nature where you go to just reclaim yourself?  i'd love to hear about them.


Debra said...

Lisa - thank you for sharing your memories of Sunday drives. we too have many memories of Sunday drives growing up. My dad loved to just get off the beaten path and discover new places. we loved it.
I head to the woods for a hike to reclaim myself :) I always feel so renewed and energized.

Lisa said...

ah those sunday drives... we used to live surrounded by woods and it was so nice to be able to just step away and listen to the silence. always love it when you stop by Debra. :)