Sunday, February 17, 2013

looking for inspiration

it was oh so cold and windy today in our part of the world but the sun was shining bright so we dared to venture out to dia: beacon.  dia is a museum in a beautiful spot along the hudson river.  it's housed in a restored nabisco box printing factory, a perfect space for a museum.  old wood floors beautifully worn, skylights everywhere and art - just a great combination.  if you like art that you can walk around, look into, peer over and even walk into then i think you will love this place.  

perhaps most famously, they have an andy warhol installation.  72 huge canvases hung end to end encircling a room the size of my house.  sol lewitt's precise, geometric pencil drawings on white walls 15 feet tall.  then there is my favorite, torqued ellipses by richard serra.  massive 16 foot tall steel spiral pieces that curve sensually in toward each other and out again.  the rusted steel is gorgeous and tempts you to touch it.  





i love days like these, being immersed in a creative atmosphere and soaking it all up.  what did you do this weekend?  we've got winter break this week so i plan on sleeping in a couple of days.  i'm so looking forward to that. 

goodnight kids, sweet dreams

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