Tuesday, February 12, 2013

my quirky valentine

i think i must have a strange sense of humor.  i don't know.  i like valentine's day but i like it with an edge.  or maybe it just brings out my sarcastic side.  anyway, i hope these make you laugh out loud or at least crack a smile.

what are you doing for valentine's day?  i do love a good romantic story.
however you'll be celebrating, i hope it's a good one!

oh yes, and if you're into zombies, (even if you're not) go see warm bodies. it's a perfect valentine's day movie!


illustration poetry said...

nice choice! i'm attracted to dark things, not necessarily morbid but strange and dark and just melancholy weird, i see the beauty in the ugly and the ugly in beauty :)

Lisa said...

love that idea - the beauty in the ugly and the ugly in the beauty. thanks for stopping by!

chelsea said...

Ha! I love a good quirky Valentine's Day gift too...my bf made me a pop-up zombie card yesterday. Pretty cute.

Lisa said...

a pop-up one? i love it! thanks for stopping by Chelsea :)