Saturday, February 2, 2013

sketchbook workshop

i've been doing a sketchbook workshop over at run 2 the wild.  it's the perfect sort of exercise to stretch your sketching muscles.  it's a gentle workout with suggested time limits so you don't feel like you're aiming for perfection, which i liked.  

sketch 1 is the self portrait that describes who you are on the inside, not who we see on the outside.  i didn't think about it at all, just started moving the pencil.  is it a self portrait?  i don't know, but it was spontaneous.

sketch 2 is the eyes closed scribble that is then made into something recognizable.

these exercises help to loosen me up for what comes next.  felt like tai chi for my creative side.

here's some thank you cards i've been working on to put in with orders.  i'm really liking the simplicity of them and may add some to the shop. :)

and here's a few things i've been coveting.

love this keychain
silvered glass bracelet

temporary tattoos

it is so past my bedtime.  tomorrow i'll still be working on organizing. my life, that is.

good night kids :)


Courtney Howard said...

your sketches are beautiful... I am so happy you joined. It's nice to see what you come up with. I really love the self portrait... absolutely amazing. I would totally buy that and hang it on my wall... no joke!

Lisa said...

thanks sweetie, for the compliment and the workshop!