Friday, January 25, 2013

a new word

what is the opposite word for procrastination?  that is my word for this year.

i've never been one for resolutions.  i think it has something to do with wanting to be spontaneous but maybe it has more to do with commitment.  

but lately, i see, or can imagine, the benefit of having goals and writing them down.  (check this out for some statistics on goal setting)

i knew that january would be a busy month - finding colleges for both sons and then applications and financial aid forms are the biggies. i just found out that one of the schools has an additional financial aid form - the dreaded css form.  the one where they want to know everything including what kind of toilet paper you use and how many pennies are stuck between the couch cushions. and if you could see the state of my paperwork you'd understand why i'm quaking in my boots.  the result of, you guessed it, procrastination.  

some synonyms for procrastination from the thesaurus:

let slide

i'm not liking the sound of these words.

so, along with remembering to breathe, i am going to banish procrastination from my kingdom.

now i just have to figure out how to do that. :)

anyone have any ideas?  does it start with being organized?  
that might have to be another word for this year.
oh but where to start?

in theory, here's some lovely things that would surely help me get organized. 

                              coat rack
                              vintage locker baskets
                              vintage frame blackboard
                              1950s trash can
                              fridge magnet
                              vintage map clothespins

so this weekend i will finish up those dreaded financial aid forms, get some orders ready for my shop, help my son paint his room, make sure everything is in for college applications and breathe.

what are you doing this weekend?  something fun?


Kathy from DoubleNickelsandBeyond said...

I remember well all those college financial aid forms! I did the happy dance after the last one was through college (of four mind you!) and I no longer had those forms looming over me! You'll do fine if you just break it down into manageable chunks. That's how I have to approach all my big projects, break them down and do something toward them each day. Working on my art this weekend and sending stuff to a shop I sell at.:)

Lisa said...

four? oh i feel for you! thanks for the advice - i think i'll take it! Sounds like you've got a great weekend lined up - enjoy it!

Debra said...

I am a list maker & somewhat anal about being organized :)
I cannot think when I have so much to do & my surroundings are not in order.
I also attack things when they come in. If I let it sit, it seems to get lost in "the heep".
I hope you finished the forms this week-end.
My week-end? I was lazy :) Movies, etc. I think we all need that from time to time.

Lisa said...

thanks for the advice. i agree i can't think when my surroundings are cluttered - maybe that's my problem!:) hope you enjoyed your weekend - sounds perfect!