Thursday, August 22, 2013

make it last a little longer

an ode to summer.
hope it helps to keep summer alive and kicking in your house.  i know i'm gladly in it till the bitter end.

blueberry mojito  .  mineral eye shadow  .  cloud notepads
boho necklace  .  so it goes  .  roasted tomatoes
mango ginger yogurt popsicles  .  white roses  .  butterfly cupcake toppers

some new work in the shop

and please check out some new work from my youngest, who will soon be off for his first year in college

enjoy the rest of your summer!


Sian said...

Beautiful images and a really lovely collection of items. :) I I also love the new items in your Etsy shop.

mi+ed design said...

Thank you so much Lisa for including my cloud notepad in this lovely post!
I love your notebooks :)

Lisa said...

Sian, thanks for your kind words and for stopping by. Just stopped by your blog for a quick look - can't wait to read about your etsy challenge!

Lisa said...

hey Mirta, your notepad fit beautifully here! thanks for visiting!