Wednesday, February 12, 2014

a proper goodbye

this little mixed media painting was bought from my shop the other day.  i've had it for quite a while and it was always a favorite of mine. was i secretly hoping it would stay in my shop for good, dressing up my virtual shelves? i'll never tell.

actually i'm thrilled it will have a new life in a new home. i hope it makes it's new owner happy.

i thought i'd show you how i'm wrapping it up for its trip.

off you go little one!


María Bradley said...

I'm sure the new owner will be SO happy! It looks great, so I can understand it was one of your favorites. And the! sooooo nice!

Lisa said...

oh thanks Maria - you're a sweetheart! xo

Becca Koopmans said...

Oh, Lisa…I LOVE this one…and how beautiful your send off is for it!
For sure the new owner will love it in their spot!

Lisa said...

oh Becca - that's so kind of you to say! thanks! xo