Saturday, March 15, 2014

susan o'malley

this is taken from artist Susan O'Malley's project called "Community Advice" where she asked people "what advice would you give your 8-year old self?" along with "what advice would you give your 80-year old self?" from their responses she created posters, one reading - don't ever lie, and others - don't pull people's hair and you've had a long wonderful life - good job.

i love this idea. i might say to my 8 year old self something like - keep drawing! and maybe to the 80 year old me - all that matters is love. or maybe that should be reversed. what would you say to your 8 and 80 year old self?

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Becca Koopmans said...

Oh, love this project. I would probably say to both ages what I often say to my kids with a hug, 'no worries' !

Love your moleskin books, Lisa!